Bonding Flooring Linoleum

Linoleum – a material that does not let moisture, so moisture, which can not remain in the dried ground will be a very long time to evaporate. As a result, violated the strength of gluing, some types of putty in this case even subject to degradation, which leads to the coating may peel off, wrinkles, bubbles. Laying linoleum – a complicated process, requiring the implementation of all recommendations on the flooring and preparation surface. If you want a quality repair apartment, and laying linoleum should be qualitative. After a linoleum cut to size, you can go directly to the installation. If the linoleum plan to put in a residential area where there will be only two pieces of linoleum, then stick it is not necessary.

In this case, the edge of the linoleum hide behind baseboards, and the seams are glued double-sided tape. To begin with clear moldings, flooring linoleum and fit the width of the joints, then straighten and hold the baseboards. The edges of the ground connections can be glued with mastic. Plinths themselves beaten 1-2 weeks after put linoleum over it time on it like, he will press to the surface. Before you apply paste to the surface, clean it from dirt. The back of the linoleum primed for the day before you start to lay the linoleum.

Mastic apply not only to the floor, but on the inside of the linoleum, so that it is better behaved. Stick linoleum is possible without a primer for the mastic promazyvayut base, the back of the linoleum, not touching the edge. Then it is put, as described above, pressed something heavy to press out excess air and paste. Squeeze from the middle to the edges. After the excess putty to stand out from the edges, remove edges and wipe remnants of cloth. The final sticking linoleum takes 7-10 days. If after this period, under the linoleum will bulge, then put them on a board or plywood, and her cargo. After 6-7 days you can start cutting and fastening edges. In order to correctly cut the edge you need a sharp knife and a ruler, they are placed on the edge of the linoleum and press down the load. Then the edges are cut, the inner side is smeared with putty and fasten edges one by one. Remains of the mastic remove paper and edges that are already stuck again presses the load until the complete disappearance of bubbles.