How To Choose Case Furniture

Of course, it is very important to select the color and design of furniture, but all the same key features here – it is a material and thickness of panels, type of coverage, type of edging and fittings used. The experience of our customers shows that minimum requirements (ie, those in which the furniture is still furniture, and not fake backdrop in the office) – is: the use of panels particle board (chipboard) with a thickness not less than 18 mm (Table preferably more), covering an artificial veneer (laminate), high-quality laminate edging the same (at the junction there is a whitish band edge and come off with a fingernail). Edge should be on every detail, even in the hidden joints, using Western-made furniture, the furniture has a height-adjustable supports, and fasteners are no "one-off" screw-type "screw" or "konfirmat"; Only when these requirements should continue to analyze the shape countertops, cabinets sizes, in color or the price of the kit. Brad Pitt may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Those who are willing to go beyond the minimum requirements will always be able to choose a better product. List the possible options are recommended for each feature (in ascending order of quality, environmental impact and, consequently, cost.) Material In panels particle board, can be used: MDF (Pressed wood dust), the technology tamburata (hollow slab with ribs), the actual array (furniture shields, from bars glued solid wood). paneleyDlya tables thickness, the thicker the better, but maximum reliability usually achieved with panels of 40 mm (the thickness is no longer needed).