William Shakespeare

knowing all that, I do not know nothing. ” There is reason to believe that in both ballads Villon wrote still not talking about myself. Most likely he was referring to all the other people who, no matter how extensive knowledge and outstanding abilities they did not have science, technology or art, not knowing himself, in fact they know nothing and do not understand in life. It seems that for many centuries after the writing of Villon’s ballads that Villon knew and understood only a single man – William Shakespeare. At the same time not at all impossible that he realized it was because of Villon. To prove this, of course, impossible, but quite also can not be ruled out. After all, Shakespeare’s little chance. So, probably no accident that the action of the play “Fruitless efforts of love “crowded meaningful comments, takes place in France.

Perhaps not by accident one scene of the play “Henry V is written in French. In addition, in the same play Shakespeare uses the first combination of a man in the sense that means people in general. Maybe it’s pure coincidence, but it is also possible that, in comparing the “Othello” with the animal lover with two backs, Shakespeare was repeated Villon. Some Shakespeare in his writings over exaggerate the influence of Montaigne on Shakespeare MA, whose book was in the library of Shakespeare. Books of poetry as Villon, maybe in the library and was not. Perhaps Villon does not affect the Shakespeare.

But the internal relationship between them is obvious. Anyone who carefully read the works of Shakespeare, can not see that Shakespeare they defended the same understanding, which is expressed in Villon “in the form of ballads Dispute between body and heart “,” Only a man blacksmith’s fate. ” And in the very first lines of the play “The Merchant of Venice” Shakespeare is simply more succinctly and emotionally expressed what Villon wrote in “Ballad will: And such a want-wit sadness makes of me, That I have much ado to know myself. I grieve failure of his mind, because of which I have difficulty in understanding himself. And was already among the billions of living after Shakespeare’s people, at least one person who has experienced grief Villon, Shakespeare, – that is the question! “A fool does not experience distress from poverty of the mind” (Abu al-Faraj). Every person who solved the problem of Villon, Shakespeare, knows that he has decided it, and Shakespeare. Most likely, the same made and Villon, as indicated by their common attitude. “The Ballad – good advice”, “Yes, the world – prison.” “Hamlet”: “Denmark – a prison.” Maybe the time will come when it becomes clear that.