Lumix DMC Intelligent

Panasonic Corporation is proud to introduce new camera Lumix DMC-FX40 with a resolution of 12.1 megapixels, astounding 25-mm ultra wide-angle * LEICA DC lens and powerful 5x optical zoom (25 mm to 125 mm in 35-mm equivalent), which able to capture the shot almost twice as compared to conventional 35-mm cameras at the same distance from the subject, authentically conveying the unique feeling of depth and space, inaccessible to 35 mm models. The world-renowned FX-series cameras offer the highest quality photography and unique features that are enclosed in a thin sleek package. Model DMC-FX40 fully consistent with these data. Dressed in an elegant building with excellent finish and texture, subtle model DMC-FX40 by the full set of fantastic features give every user an incredible pleasure of shooting magnificent views. Camera DMC-FX40 is available in silver, black, pink, white, red and gold casing. Panasonic Corporation has developed the Intelligent Auto shooting mode (iA) in order to provide incredible ease of managing the process of shooting and reduce low-quality photos.

In the model, DMC-FX40 developers improve iA and included in the mode Face detection in the frame. In iA mode the camera does all the work for you automatically, having in its arsenal, the function automatically Tracking feature Face Detection and Face Recognition (Detection and Face Recognition), Mega OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), Intelligent ISO Control (Intelligent Control Sensitivity ISO), Intelligent Scene Selector (Intelligent Scene Selector) and mode Intelligent Exposure (Intelligent Exposure). The new processor Venus Engine V is based on an advanced high-speed and high-performance video processing technology, which allows to transmit more high-quality image.