Magnetic Tape

With the invention of magnetic tape reels began to be born players, cassette recorders later. More info: Ron Wood. Advances in laser technology have allowed to acquire an excellent recording on laser discs. Particular attention should be paid to such modern things as electronic music and VSTi (vst instruments), which features sound and its Play balanced intertwined, complementing and enhancing each other. Starting from 60th of the 20th century, technological progress makes it possible to hit electronics into virtually all spheres of employment and human creativity. Not exception is the music. The special ability to produce sound, and use it to form a new music on the same device, allowing you to make a breakthrough improvements in electronic music – the emergence of synthesizer.

In the seventies the company Moog made a polyphonic synthesizer, and later saw the light of small-sized, but with great potential device that gave the sound and saves it in internal memory for later use. Synthesizers next generation already had left the software and computer chips, which made it possible to create electronic music, not even by professionals. Use special software applications or VST – plug-ins allow to emulate and record on a computer or synthesizer sounds of various musical instruments, the so-called VSTi (virtual instruments). This allowed much more modest terms than the level of the recording studio, to create electronic music, imposing special sound effects to the sound of virtual musical instruments. This will open a giant opportunities for creators of music, sometimes even without musical training and musical notation, you can create a normal electronic remixes of well known tunes. Rather just write music and using VSTi add club sound, and various audio effects. Remixes began to be very popular genre of musical creativity among young people, taking the first of its ease and accessibility.

Certainly, when viewed from professional point of view, we can contend for a long time, we have a real art electronic music. But at all times the music was divided into two main streams: the soul and body. And specifically for the body electronic music matches the best, because its task is to awaken in man a sense of high and do not give to feel the harmony with the universe, despite the fact that according to fans of electronic music, and these feelings are. E music – music to start it for fun. One can only speculate what new features for recording will give us the future, but the capacity of our already provide great opportunities just works for each person.