The structuralized called toys are not those that not being industrialized, are simple objects as woods or rocks, that at the hands of the children acquire new meaning, thus passing to be a toy. The rock if transforms into comidinha and the wood if it transforms into pony. Therefore, we saw that the toys can be structuralized or not be structuralized depending on its origin or the creative transformation of the child on of the object. What it is trick? The trick if characterizes for some estruturao and the use of rules. Examples of tricks that we could cite and that widely they are known: To play of Casinha, Thief and Policy etc. the trick is an activity that can in such a way be collective how much individual.

In the trick the existence of the rules does not limit the playful action, the child can modify it, be absented when to desire, to include new members, to modify the proper rules, at last exist bigger freedom of action for the children. What it is game? The game understanding is associated in such a way with the object (toy) how much to the trick. It is an activity more structuralized and organized by a system of more explicit rules. Classic examples would be: Game of Mimic, Letters, Tray, Construction, Make-of-Count etc. An important characteristic of the game is its use in such a way for children how much for adults, whereas the toy has a more exclusive association with the infantile world. The different meanings of playing One same game, toy or trick for different cultures can have different meanings, this wants to say that she is necessary to consider the social context where if it inserts the object of our analysis. Doll: Object that can be used as a toy in a culture, considered being object of worship in rituals or still a simple object of decoration.