Markup Language

The fundamental objective of the RDF focuses on establishing a mechanism enabling to describe resources that have as principles working in cross-platform and interoperability of data. The mechanism used for this purpose should be neutral with respect to the area of application and, at the same time, flexible enough to describe any type of information. While the language XML is used for the RDF syntax matter for semantics, because it offers a series of rules to provide descriptive information in a clear manner. RDF integrates a variety of applications, such as catalogues of libraries, web directories, private collections of music, photos, events, etc. You can use XML as an interchange syntax. RDF recommendations provide a very powerful structure to support the exchange of knowledge on the Web.

RDF has been one of the greatest advances in the web. For the exchange of bibliographic information understandable by the computer, the MARC (machine readable cataloging) format, is designed to encode the log data and each of the elements of the tab catalographic is assigned a three-digit numeric identifier. Within each field has flags that specify its content, subfield codes that identify a specific element of the field and delimiters that indicate the location of the field within the record. For the handling and the interconnection of the information between different databases, must use a brand language for structuring knowledge in different types of documents, can in addition be developed for different types of information on the web, XML (eXtensible Markup Language language of brands tensile) supports terminological control tools, it is a simple technology that has to its around others that complement it and make it much bigger and with greater possibilities. It has a very important role today, because that allows for compatibility between systems to share information in a secure, reliable and easy manner, was not only born for your web application, but it is proposed as a standard for the exchange of information structured between different platforms.