Latin America

Finishing we cite Foucault that affirms the educative act it is an act politician. In such a way, all act politician presents a pedagogical act, that is the act politician, the form to lead, to govern, has a pedagogical social construction that if develop through the organizations of the state of each government, therefore, the politics has pedagogical components, one practical one, a form that uses the school and the social medias to construct its proper sustentation and at the same time to produce culture popular. In all popular culture or popular education, always it has a different distribution of the knowledge, we ask that type and or forms of knowledge is distributed the people? Thus, the social inaqualities are reproduced by the education that in turn produces a culture differentiated and that consequentemente it forms a people with values differentiated in the proper society. The symbolic resources, that is, the signs of modernity or after-modernity are produced by the dominadora elite of the half producers of culture and the power to determine to produce or to reproduce cultures is defined for that they withhold the power politician. The conquest of America was carried through by the Spaniard because they had symbolic resources to make conquests, as weapons, technology, knowledge, at the same time where it conquered created a dominant culture, fact this that devaluated the culture of the natives, thus, economic and commercial knowing was one of the ways for the cultural and regional conquest in Latin America. The priests of the church catholic, beyond being joined the conquerors, had carried through written on the arrival of the Spaniard, etc. creating a superior and dominant culture, with the registers of the historical, social, economic moments and politicians of these. Modernity appears with the industrial revolution, mechanization, the hierarquizao in the production that consequentemente impacta in the social organizations also the school, that is, the proper massifica school if in modernity with clear objectives to prepare the workmanship hand it market and to favor the new demand of capitalist revolution.