OPC Professional

Here the dermo-cosmetics takes a high priority in product development as well as the Treatment possibilities. Dermo cosmetic dermatology and cosmetics blend combines the knowledge of many years, medical and cosmetic research and makes possible treatment procedures nowadays, which help the patients and customers quickly and effectively. The Microdermabrasion is a this dermo cosmetic treatments. This carries the top gently with round micro crystals and controlled, usually heavily keratinized layer of skin off and creating “Space” for new, healthy cells. In the basal cell division is encouraged, as the collagen formation.

With this latest form of peeling can be heavily refined skin images in few treatment sessions, reduces mimic wrinkles, scars effectively eliminates even and skin disorders. Already after the first Microdermabrasion, the customers and patients experience a great feeling of the skin. The skin is also firmer and looks much more vital and fresh. Only wearing off, then set up by carefully selected active ingredients by one the usual skin renewal process of approximately 28 days (in the age doubled Sometimes this period) accelerates to an essential, it deliberately engages in the physiology of the skin and supports its regeneration – namely from the inside outward. Active substances can effect their depot in connection to this treatment in deep deeper layers of the skin be it repair, rebuild, or stimulate. No common peeling creates accordingly agents “to prepare the skin”, so that they achieve a depth effect. The active ingredients in the dermo cosmetics there are selected active substances like hyaluronic acid, Pycnogenol, OPC, vitamin C which are of such high quality in their concentration, that you can also change the skin in the near future.

We distinguish here between skin and skin-active Wirkstoffem.Enzymatische Scrubs in the Reviderm Microdermabrasion in addition in the Prepeel phase gently Horn plates and are optimal support in home care. Because the dermo cosmetics companies specialising in “Skin problems”, you will find a professional choice for individuals in their series Skin disorders or skin images. And this is precisely what makes it so effective these treatments.The professional cosmetician can respond specifically to the skin condition and depending on demand, the appropriate ingredients “administer” – it was calming, invigorating, bleeding through, firming, moisturizing etc. To find the dermo cosmetic treatments exclusively by specially trained personnel. Here is to ensure that it is professional beauticians, i.e. they have gone through many training sessions and are safe in the aparativen application. The Reviderm AG from Munich is a leading provider of high quality dermo-cosmetics and market leader in the field of Mikrodermabrasionsgerate. In recent years many Reviderm specialist centres have been added, which take care of face and body skin health. So also the health practice Krefeld by Julia Bleser and Nicole Schawill, who integrated care as certified professional kosmetikerinnen and aspiring practitioners to the skin health and balance in the body.