August Interesting

On the way to a beautiful stretch dolmens camomile field, which also will leave an unforgettable impression. In the village Praskoveevka Gelendzhik area is another natural landmark. This rock Sail. It is interesting because it is located in the sea and has an interesting shape and really resembles a sail. Photo of Sail mandatory item in the program rest.

In addition to interesting sights, Gelendzhik, has an interesting history. First, Gelendzhik is marked by Lermontov's novel "Hero of our time." To the resort was passing hero Pechorin's novel. Lermontov, Gelendzhik is a monument. Gelendzhik town went to Russia recently, namely in 1829. This year was signed the peace treaty of Adrianople.

During the Great Patriotic War in 1943 Gelendzhik was deployed hospital for victims of the battle for New Land and Novorossiysk. Here in February 1943, died of wounds Kunikov Caesar, the commander of the Marine Corps, Hero of the Soviet Union. In centuries past, lived in Gelendzhik different people, among them the Circassians. They gave the name of the resort of Gelendzhik, which means "a small meadow." The climate in Gelendzhik is similar to the Mediterranean. The average winter temperature never drops below 5 degrees. That's why here arrive on wintering birds. In cold weather, the whole town goes to feed the birds, flew to south, swans and ducks. Summer weather in Gelendzhik can be very hot. In August, the temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Water temperature reaches 26 degrees. Views: 343 Gelendzhik, recreation 'Rise' Holiday 'Rise' is a charming town on the cape town of Gelendzhik Subtle outdoors Landing, away from the bustle of the city, has settled a wonderful base rest 'Rise'.