Embedded Systems

Currently, the market microcontrollers is developing rapidly, thanks to the widespread introduction of microcontroller technology in control systems, as well as in many other areas are increasingly displacing the market system based on hard logic. Microcontrollers allow a minimum time to develop and produce electronic devices of almost any complexity. Currently on the market microcontrollers provided products of more than 30 companies, including U.S. firm Microchip Technology Inc., producing a wide range of microcontrollers pic, which has become very popular, both among electronics manufacturers, and among hobbyists. One reason for this popularity can be called a competent marketing policies pursued by Microchip.

In addition, pic microcontrollers combine a number of advanced technologies: it is developed RISC-architecture, minimal power consumption, high performance, eeprom, etc. pic microcontrollers are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in the production of electronic equipment. At minimum cost time and money can be easy to manufacture various electronic devices ranging from digital clocks and ending with office pbx systems, and in such devices from 30 to 90 percent of the functionality implemented by software software, which can be changed as needed and modified based on the needs of the consumer. In addition, in some cases is an important opportunity to protect program code from unauthorized reading and modification. Having this option effectively protects copyrights of manufacturers and developers. In early models of microcontrollers had the opportunity to remove the protection from the software when with special equipment, but the removal of such protection has been and remains very expensive and time-consuming procedure. In modern microcontrollers has been improving the system of protection of software code, which is almost completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized reading or modification of software code.