Public Relations

The shop concept, the next step is to develop the Shopfitting”. What features are important for your products and your customers and what about your expertise and resources at the instigation of the shop? Technically-oriented customers functionality are important, with more older the ease of use and clarity and with younger female customers, for example, in the field of fashion the look & feel the atmosphere and mood. These and more factors must fit into the triangle of customers products shop operators. Many steps and measures in this chapter are interlinked and one influenced the other. So also the Marketingfea tures in the shop they will by choosing your Marketing instruments and objectives affected and by the product type and industry. The Pro duktmenge influenced, for example, the navigation options, scaling and maintenance and customer age the usability, such as a simple and clear navigation. 6.

Election and use of marketing instruments then concerns in a broader sense classic marketing issues such as services, pricing, sales promotion, offer forms, budget and goals and in a narrower sense to the choice of marketing and sales tools, with which you want to reach your sales goals. But includes also other goals such as prospect and visitor acquisition, building a customer base, promotion of awareness and a budget, how much money you want to spend on what measures and what they expect. The search engine marketing, cooperation, Google AdWords, Public Relations, newsletter advertising, referral marketing, presence in social media are some of the ways here communication and coordination of activities happen. 7 Service, trust and safety You do everything it is the Foundation of a sustainably successful online store! Readiness, return guarantees, secure payment, easier buying process, telephone support, nice appearance and communicate with customers, accommodating complaint handling gives it also in the online trading the phone and just a few of the featured in this book are many ways rewarding customer loyalty.