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For example, the area of Arctic sea ice has decreased below the low recorded in 2005, and is close to an absolute record for the satellite observations, established in 2007. At least 2005, when the ice area was reduced to 5.32 million square kilometers, was observed on September 21. The absolute record set in 2007, was awarded on September 16. Then the area of ice declined to 4.13 million square kilometers. These ‘records’ – a sign that the Arctic climate change are much faster, and humanity is really necessary to bring the issue of global warming on national level. Harrison Ford will undoubtedly add to your understanding. According to ecologists, the decrease in ice accelerates global warming. The ice reflects sunlight well, followed by a dark surface water that accumulates the heat.

In his turn, contributes to warming of permafrost thawing, which will actively allocate greenhouse gases, increasing the warming even more, added the researcher. Scientists have discovered that cows are Earth’s magnetic field German and Czech scientists after reviewing satellite images and mapping service Google Earth have come to the conclusion that the domestic cattle and red deer and roe deer are able to feel the Earth’s magnetic field and have his body during feeding and rest along the lines of force. The researchers studied 308 pictures of pastures in almost all parts of the world – in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North and South America, and noticed that all of more than 8.5 thousands of animals that were in these pictures, graze and rest, pointing the axis of the body along a north-south. Similar results were obtained studying pictures of wildlife – deer and roe deer. About three thousand of these Animals caught on satellite imagery, also have their body from north to south. Amazingly, this ubiquitous phenomenon, apparently, has not been seen previously by shepherds, ranchers or hunters. Scientists believe that the simplest explanation for the observed phenomenon is the sensitivity of animals to magnetic fields. To test this hypothesis, the researchers analyzed the orientation of the cattle in areas with large magnetic declination, where there is the greatest divergence between the direction of the magnetic pole and the geographic. As it turned out, the magnetic north pole in this case was the best predictor for the animals than geographic north.