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While there remained on the shelves of memories on his face I saw something I transport to other times, something that stirred the waves of time, I was back in the days in the past. He must be one of your wrinkles, one of the white threads that adorned his head or his white teeth perfect smile. Come from somewhere I made a name with the confidence of those who for any reason could be wrong: Pedro!, You are Peter, the old friend, companion work of my father! He nodded. I began to wonder about things that are part of the prehistory of my existence. And people for whom no one asks me for a long time.

That chance meeting was a happy coincidence that I made a quick trip to the stage of innocence mixed with the illusions of a future that would be a grown man like my dad and his best friends, among whom was this good man, now in front of me and who had not seen in 38 years. Thanks to his kind smile she returned to the stage where Vera, my friend, I was convinced that the rainbow was God opened the door for good children to enter the evening sky in rain and seven-color painting to seven birds sing to night so the cows would not be lost when they returned to eat Melissa, far away, far away where the colors of the sky blended with the fine dust of the earth. Of course Peter did not let go without asking her address and how to find it. I that between him and me there is a continued dialogue, much more now that my father, his good friend, has taken refuge in eternity. And I know that one of these days I'll look to Peter, and have to go far away near the place where the rainbow ends and which must have many cows eating lemon balm.

Rutto Alejandro Martinez is a renowned Colombian journalist and scholar whose articles are published on websites, newspapers and magazines in several countries. He was recently awarded the journalism prize in the modaidad THE CERREJoN Internet. It is often invited to seminars and conferences in various cities. Contact him through mail and visit your page.