How To Choose A Printer

Printer – a device that can display electronic data to print. This may be the text and tables, pictures and photographs, in other words, everything that we see on the PC monitor. As with many peripheral apparatus, a printer at home is no longer a luxury. In the first place – it's easy for the whole family. Because the Internet can find a lot of coloring and comic books for your children. School children is a great help in preparing the instant abstracts – now do not have to write by hand, and the pictures and frames are made regardless of artistic ability of your child. Students are much more profitable than, for example, computer clubs, print their theses. But parents will not waste your time on a campaign photo studios to take photos from your digital camera.

Selecting a printer – it is a problem faced by most owners of personal computers. Although, even a computer for this is entirely optional. Indeed, nowadays more and more produce new intellectual technology that can somehow replace the personal computer. For example, mobile telephones or communicators. They will be able to manage printers with technology Bluetooth, IrDA (infrared) or miniUSB. The most popular technology – jet printers.

They have the ability to print high quality images, text and photos at home. In turn, the different companies pick up different versions of paint on the paper. HP, for example, uses thermo-technology, Canon – bubbly, Epson – piezoelectric. Canon and HP are based on ink is heated to high temperature with micro-discharges, because of which they are ejected onto the paper. This process takes up to several thousand times per second. Piezoelectric different high resolution, but support only ink designed specifically for them, and air into the head which prints could result expensive repairs. However, the large difference in the result of the various inkjet printers producers is very small. As for the design, the undisputed leader among travel printers is not a small period of time is the Canon PIXMA iP90. This printer can run on battery power and to get information to the press IR port, but has a very modest speed. If you need to print often vast amounts of information, then you definitely need a laser printer. Although they cost more, but later found to be very economical, fast and inexpensive different stamp. In recent years they have become more acceptable to ordinary people, but not so long ago and they could not afford even the big firms. Dot matrix printer is practically not suitable for home. This printer is required to printing facilities and exceptionally profitable for printing huge volumes of information. For the most part it's monochrome printers. The print head is nestled needles, which in turn through the film beat out the individual dots on the paper. Color printers are different this series of slow, but high-quality printing. Dye-sublimation printer will help you in creating a true photo lab. This printer prints, in turn causing a different color of paint, while the paper moves back and forth, which of course is fascinating sight. The last layer protects photos from fading and other outdoor Destroyers. The result – high-quality photos, rather approximate to the usual for us, silver-photographic prints.