Photo Technology

Photography. The organization of the photos is done through folders, as is the transfer to the player, so it will see on your screen, exsite a very interesting option by which to avoid saturating our player photos at resolutions impossible (especially given the present-mania day "more megapixels contri contri improved"), this option will resize the photos to 640×480 (the resolution of the screen) and allows us to reduce weight, and especially the loading time of the thumbnails (and still allows zooming). Exsite can rate your photos (but then there is no option for us to take our favorite) You can also create slideshows with music that desemos, sticking transition effects (the kind that are often created on a PC). Another point to mention is that last picture reminds us that we have seen. Increase customization options thanks to the photos as we can choose a background for our Video player. The star player option and that is primarily designed.

Let's start with the formats it supports, WMV9, MPEG 1/2/4, Divx 4 or 5, Xvid, there is nothing. No doubt this is the best, since they rarely have that to convert a video into this format metais. The screen quality is really good, with good viewing angle, not too much glare, option to zoom, screen magnification if the image is panoramic. The screen resolution is 320×240 (though he admits files up to 720×480). I have not noticed any effect ghost or anything, so that the quality of images is as close to perfection thanks to 260,000 colors and 2.5 inches.