Hammer Photographer

German in origin and in love with this island, this scholar of the ancient cultures of Fuerteventura and professional photographer, is involved both in search of signals and archaeological remains (almost has developed a small museum), which finally decides to write a book of name Atlantura. How does the idea of writing this book? Regardless of the beauty of the beaches, Fuerteventura mountains exert upon me an almost magical magnetism, which brings me to pick up and find some stones and forms on the slopes of the mountains that make me think that they are not the work of nature. Drawings showing these stones despite the skepticism of some Council members to whom I showed these findings – are so defined and intentional that they increasingly aroused my interest, by what just consultation with a geologist that is quite agree with my theory that could belong to the culture of the ancient ‘mahos’. I have spent ten years to collect, analyze and catalog all these findings and finally to summarize my final theory in the Atlantura book. We observe, for the photos that you have with you, there are number of images of mountains and shadows if, in addition to the carved stones, as photographer I started como fotografo comence has photos that on many occasions, to disclose them in my study, observed in rock crevices or certain shadows affecting them gave as a result faces, figures and other equally surprising shapes. All this, along with many of these photos, I speak in my book. Peter Gabriel is often quoted on this topic. Many of these symbols are related to the religions extended across Europe, where mother earth is the source of divinity and power and is in turn represented by the “Goddess”, not by the ‘male God that today we worship in almost all cultures.

Effectively in the origins of the mankind, is the “Goddess”, mother and fertile, symbol of worship, which is then superseded by the male image. Yes, her talk in this book and the many remains that there is in that time Fuerteventura, in that both religious power as a politician, he was in the hands of women who headed the society of that time. The man represented the Warrior and was the struggle and the defense of the villages, but political and religious leadership rested in women and usually pa where found so much information for their research? Especially in Tindaya, though also in other mountains I’ve found important remains; but in Tindaya is where are the maximum number of marks on their walls, crevices and podomorfos, which are accentuated by the shadows that they projected showing incredible figures, that may not be the result of chance depending on each Equinox. It is believed to the natives of the island was their sacred mountain, probably by things like which tells us. Saba from mothers to daughters. This social order, find it very similarly in other European countries and especially in Greece, where the oracles, who possessed the knowledge and wisdom to direct others, women formed them always. But not the only one; I know other mountains in the island of similar characteristics, as for example, the barranco de Virgen de la Pena and also the mountain of Cardon, only that this last all this very broken and destroyed.