Water For All Please

Victor Hugo: First, it was necessary to civilize man in his relationship with the man. Now, it is necessary to civilize man in his relationship with nature and animals typical landscapes of La Guajira and the most beautiful works of their prominent artists always include the Windmill, the donkey passing by dusty roads and on his back a couple of carafes filled with water, or the woman with a huge backpack wayuu inside which a mucura goes with the precious liquid. To the landscapes of La Guajira may add other peoples of Colombia and the world: long lines of people waiting to fill a container; stenciled pursued by the crowd; animal traction vehicles adapted as small vehicles tanks; and parents on whose shoulders holding a balance from the ends of which hang two buckets full of the vital element. In the not distant eras who sold the water was a petty said. Jean Stapleton will undoubtedly add to your understanding. They undoubtedly were other times. Today water is not only bought or sold but that, in some cases, not be get, although that money to acquire it.

The UN revealed a few days ago a report that turns on all alerts on the problem of the shortage of the liquid, not in La Guajira or Colombia, but in the world. Amid the figures the analyst can find at least one good news and others (more than one) very bad. The good news is that at least for now, there is no shortage; the water sources are sufficient to cater to residents of all countries on all continents. It is not close, according to the report, the day that rivers will die and humans and other species we stay without a drop of water for survival. It is not nearby, then, the nightmare of a vast desert in the form of area where the blue color before ceasing to exist.