Bulletin Board System

The operation and administration of the area they are very important in that society, while services to respond smoothly standard dynamic and cybernetic technology advances steadily building especially given the critical mass in the Silicon Valley (USA). Marlon brando often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The key now lies in the potential of knowledge and research, unfettered access for analysts of symbols. This is due to the entry carefully coded information highways, which are taking advantage of certain waves of space by satellites. The virtual tool from a wide But beyond this potential, an important question arises what can be done online? The interconnection of computers increases its usefulness. First to share valuable resources-read time powerful computers computing peripherals, or understood as expensive storage (disks and printers). Additional easier for users of those computers to communicate with each variety of ways. The easiest way but still the most widely used is email.

If the email communication involves a person-to-person, list servers provide email broadcast messages to large groups of subscribers. The thematic lists ongoing communication access and exchange information, ideas, experiences, knowledge, etc. in a community. Remote terminal sessions become the personal computer in a remote computer terminal. So you can connect with numerous databases, computerized catalogs of libraries around the world (OPAC: Online public access catalog), electronic bulletin boards (BBS: Bulletin Board System), etc. and obtain information and services. Another communication system used daily by several million people are USENET News or Netnews: network news. 0rganizados hierarchically, consisting of several thousand discussion groups on various topics. Are disseminated News nodes or servers to which users connect to read those that interest them and, if they wish, participate in discussions, requests for technical assistance, etc.