Colombia Marketing

SalesLogix features module processes of contact (topic explained in a previous article), which allows to automate tasks to make more efficient and effective follow-up with each of the people who make up the target group. Registration of coming opportunities for campaigns. If a business opportunity is presented as a response to the campaign, Saleslogix allows to associate the opportunity with the campaign and thus know how many business opportunities were generated as a result of the campaign and subsequently many sales occurred from these opportunities. Closure of the campaign. Finally, when more executed campaign responses are not expected is to change the status of the campaign to inactive and perform analyses and relevant improvements for the launch of the next marketing campaign.

Below is a screenshot with a marketing campaign, in which you can appreciate all the information that can be administered with the applicative SalesLogix, its organization and simplicity in the working environment to provide users greater ease in handling. In conclusion, since the activity of marketing plays an important role for sales, every company must have mechanisms and well structured processes in planning and implementing relational marketing campaigns, since this is the image of the company and therefore the result which is reflected in sales of goods and/or services. For this it is necessary to have tools that facilitate the users to keep track and a detailed analysis of the results of the campaigns carried out in order to implement improvements in the future planning and thus the success of the results of campaigns that eventually lead to the increase in the company’s revenues..