North Korea

In many cities of Hokkaido sidewalks of em ceramic tiles – snow on them, without any external energy is melting! With mikrorganizmov You can clean the water of oil. After the accident with the Russian tanker "" Japanese only need one year to regain its former ecological balance. Japanese success is based on the fact that they have originated a kind of philosophy of the em and EM-ethics. Underwear they were washed with em powder, washed em soap and water is purified by ceramic electromagnetic filters, fuel tanks drop pills of em ceramics, sanitary ware clean, wash the walls and sidewalks with using em tools, sleeping on sheets of EM-balance. Tom Waits oftentimes addresses this issue. If you wear underwear or clothes electromagnetic balance, they say, the conflict in the team is significantly reduced. Shed em preparations ground under the foundation of a future house, add EM-powder in the paint and concrete – the people in these homes feel great. In Russia, only horticultural plots over 20 million.

If one in ten grower will apply em technology using electromagnetic containers produced in , it will give an additional one million tons of fertilizer more efficiently decomposed manure at least 5 times. Whenever technology investor listens, a sympathetic response will follow. In South Korea only in the area of Busan uses roughly the same number of containers. North Korea has adopted the State Programme on the Application of em technology in agriculture, was able to save its people from starvation. Our cities are surrounded by stinking waste heaps of debris, which contaminate air and ground water, becoming a source of proliferation of various infections. .