Albert Lighting

We are able to realize them briefly because of our own production. This is not especially for modified assembly or special colours but so for writings, signs and emblems up to map including complete new development according your details. Prices location Germany and therefore made in Germany is one of the most important business philosophies for our company. Due to consequent investigations in new technology we have got a slim and almost structure in organization. Efficient production processes enable US to quote very competitive prices with high quality. Safety the lamps shown in this catalogue and so special models have been developed and produced according to the European regulations EN 60598 / VDE 6711. The items are tested respectively announced for testing. It includes so that the lamps are stipulated.

All deviations should be discussed with US. If any of our products are changed by third, they want to be the manufacturer. Please note that compact fluorescent lamps apply differently dependent on the temperature. So there are differences between their behaviour in outdoor or indoor in lamps. Our information use due to surface temperature of our ground recessed lamps are based on the outside (ta = 15 C) according EN 60598.

planning we are always pleased to advise you in planning your lighting installation. According to your exact details We want to develop your individual lighting concept. It is our pleasure to be your partner in light. Albert light is located in the west of Germany. Our main products include all lamps for outdoor or exterior areas. The best quality of lamps, the preferable price and the excellent after sales service have been attracting many customers home and aboard. Many of our lamps are exported around the world. We believe that Albert light – Albert Lighting will be your best choice. We are the specialist for lighting at home and outdoor applications.