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Bright example – pink or blue SanDisk Sansa Shaker unusual shape, which allows you to switch from one track to another with sudden movements. Cameras on film cameras today are not even talk. For even more analysis, hear from Naveen Selvadurai. The market is ruled by numerical models. Before going to the store it is important to decide why you want the camera. Modern cameras conventionally divided into amateur, or as they are called, soap dishes, semiprofessional and professional. For replenishment of the family photo album are fine devices amateur class.

They are compact, lightweight, does not require careful tuning before shooting. Manufacturers are now offering super compact device that almost no space and are especially useful in everyday life, where quickly capture the important point favorite. But if you're going to make a photo shoot – the device has required more impressive. And if the unit of Category Professional with a complete set of equipment can go off-scale for tens of thousands of dollars, semiprofessional camera is quite expensive for ordinary consumers. Special honor are SLR cameras.

Great matrix size of these devices, along with lots of auxiliary accessories, a lot of fine manual settings – what distinguishes them from cheaper counterparts and allows them to create monsters fotomira high-quality and highly shots. And when you consider their immediate and ready to go, it is clear without words – these cameras are indispensable for a serious approach to photography. The only disadvantage of SLRs – it rather big size and weight, as well as price, which starts from an average of $ 600 Kind of compromise between price and quality – so-called psevdozerkalki. In contrast to the professional SLR cameras, they do not provides for the possibility interchangeable lens, but image quality and advanced features put them at much higher ordinary cameras. What to look for when purchasing: The number of megapixels. The more of them, the more detailed images are obtained.