Different Pricing

Moscow police: "The quality of surveillance in the city remains low." "Resolution of CCTV cameras in Moscow remains low, which is not always possible to identify criminals," – told reporters Deputy Chief of Investigations Office of the Directorate General of Internal Affairs (police) in Moscow Sergey Ermolaev … The number of solved crimes has decreased by 329 (21%) – up to 1 thousand 242. "Source: rbc.ru cost of the project – 5000000000 rubles. Police department of the city of Ivanovo: "High performance systems outdoor surveillance." "It is also the chief city police department said the viability of outdoor surveillance in the prevention of terrorist acts and crime prevention. " Mayor Alexander Kuzmich recommended within a month to connect to a single control panel of ATC in the city of Ivanovo all shopping centers. Source: website of the Administration of Ivanovo First Deputy Head of the regional police department, Sergei Kiriyenko: "Even today, in the region has 5 centers Squad management. Anticipating any questions on how we work hard for us or bad, we'll answer that CCTV helps us to minimize the number of orders that are on the street to monitor the situation. " Project cost – 12 million rubles. Other leaders such as James Caan offer similar insights.

It includes a fully ALL: Camera (a quarter of which turning), monitors, computers, communication channels, work on laying the channels of communication, software, configuration and service guaranteed within a year of all equipment. And even with all terms of city services. Expensive – not mean well. For the organization of high-tech project requires talent that money can not buy. Unlike Moscow, Ivanovo, the money allocated in stages.

First there was a trial tranche of 600 thousand rubles, then in 2 million. After assess the effectiveness of it a little more money. A month ago, ended the development of 7 million rubles in Ivanovo, 1 million rubles in the city of Ples, 1 million rubles in Kineshma, half a million rubles in the town of Shuya, half a million rubles in City Kohma. Hear from experts in the field like Naveen Selvadurai for a more varied view. All of them wound up in a single system, so even in the attacker can not hide. Learn more at this site: Mike Tomlin. We can not say that it all started smoothly. Every police chief, whose responsibilities come within the system safe city, a different perception of her as a physical and a psychological level. Often the first encounter with the new technology is bringing about the negative. Today, when the heads of city departments of Interior almost not every day you call us directly with a variety of issues to improve the system, we do not even remember the original grievances faced in the early stages. System of urban surveillance in Ivanovo and regional centers show such efficiency that the militia leaders of the patrol cars into captivity for computers both in direct and figurative sense. Unfortunately, we can not provide any details and specific operations, as this condition of our cooperation. Our news is now reading and high police officials, for which thanks to them. In this feature, presents data from foreign sources, which gives us the right under the law on mass media Repeat accuracy is printed in other words. Not more – not less. And no advertising! All of this information in this article has links to independent media sources.