General Specialists

The specialist is that one that excellent in one is determined field. The generalista is that one that is reasonable good in diverse fields. Diverse times in its life you go to pass for this quandary: ‘ ‘ Am better I to be a specialist in something, or a generalista in everything? ‘ ‘ You can find that this is a complicated question of if answering, but are not. In the truth, you he only needs to answer to another question, more easy good, to decide if you must be a specialist or a generalista: The question is: ‘ ‘ I want to have success? ‘ ‘ If you want to have success, you you must become a specialist. Seno, you must become a generalista. You can until thinking: ‘ ‘ But the generalistas can have success! I know a generalista of success! ‘ ‘. Then, we go there.

The reason for which companies if become generalistas if you not to import themselves in having quality is that it is much more simple to be a generalista. Most of the people agrees that it is empolgante to learn a series of new and different things of that to have that to always improve in the same thing. Moreover, when you still are learning a field, the progress is fast evident e. Later that you already dominate an ability per years, the progress if becomes slow and painful. To the times.

You go until doubting of that she made any progress in the last months. Therefore, of the personal, much more motivador point of view and he is amused to be a generalista. But, to be a success company, you depend on the recognition and the valuation of the other people. the people do not value the generalistas. The people value the specialists.