LondonMetal Exchange

It is noticed that the possibility of sereverter units of steel for aluminum exists or vice versa, with reduzidosinvestimentos (US$ 1 million, approximately); e) The main factor of competition is the cost of the dealumnio plate or steel, since these raw materials represent about 40% docusto of production of the cans; f) It is verified that the tinned steel plate has kept certaestabilidade in its price, while of aluminum, dependents of the price LondonMetal Exchange (LME), have presented significant oscillations. The superior LMEde prices aluminum the US$ 1.500.00/ton become the menosatrativas aluminum cans of what of steel, of the commercial point of view; g) In relation to aluminum, the recycling possibility daslatas if becomes a competitive advantage, therefore it allows substantial reduodo consumption of electric energy for the plate production new for cans. One notices that average index of recycling of aluminum cans, in termosmundiais, already reaches about 60%, to the step that the recycling of steel cans notem appeals economic; h) The manufacturers of the two types of cans, as well as osprodutores of plates, come promoting constant technological innovations nosentido of the reduction of the thickness and the weight of the cans, aiming at to a lesser emaior cost competitiveness; i) Beyond the cost, the logistic one is determinative factor for acomercializao of the cans, having the producing units to place prximasaos manufacturers of cooling beers and, since the cost of transporteinviabiliza the supplying of more distant markets; j) The market of the region Northeast, before dependent doabastecimento of proceeding cans southeastern, with raised cost detransporte, will have to also be equated for the units of the Lanesa (LatasNordeste s.a.) and of the Metalic, implanted in Recife and $fortaleza, respectively, projects these supported by the BNDES; k) In the region North and Northeast, the Metalic forms with the suaprincipal rival and competitor, Latasa s.a., a duoplio. The two principaisfatores that determine this market are: the cost of transport of latasda Southeastern region for the Northeast increases in 20,00/mil US$ cans and the perdasignificativa of the cans in the transport (Some estimates approximately indicate umraio of 500 economic distribution of km, between fbricade cans and the envasadora plant).