Mistakes When Buying A House For Rent

The error first – buying a home “for himself” (I would like to house in the village) or in the case of (a neighbor offered his country house at a low price). If you enter into this business, you enter prepared. Of course, much depends on the direction in which houses the house – the source of your income potential. Absolutely identical houses in different areas may differ in terms of rental rates several times. Failed the second – the target customer is selected wrong. The landlord, even if the future should be clear for what period (summer or year-round) and someone (a foreigner or fellow-countryman, with high or low incomes, with or without children …) it will take house. Error third – chosen environment – adversely.

The most in demand, liquidity for rental house in the cottage: the tenants often pay attention to the conservation, development of infrastructure – that makes accommodation and recreation safer and more comfortable. Of course, the more developed infrastructure, the more reliable protection, the greater the level of rent. Naturally, it is cheaper to buy land in the countryside and build a house there. But for business lease this option does not work. Practically not suitable for rental business and starodachnye place. They, of course there is romance, and they are located in a beautiful place, but to provide comfort and safety of residents, they do not can. Error fourth – was improperly selected house. Quite often, in Russia you can see a picture of the house has been designed by an architect in the face of a bad host or hostess, a bathroom in the house and one on the ground floor, and from the bedroom on the third level, you can only get there through the whole house.

So what should be a house, suitable for renting? Two, maximum three stories, some spacious rooms. Bedrooms in the house should be not less than three, the more if the house is supposed to take a family with children. You can further raise the rent in the presence of bath, sauna or swimming pool. The presence ennobled plot of at least 10 acres will also be a significant advantage to rent. Error fifth – not scholarship costs for the building. It should be understood that the house is not enough to buy, will have to contain it, and the monthly cost can be very significant. Thoroughly check all the services, their status, technical performance of the building, choosing a house …. As you can see a lot of mistakes you can avoid when buying an apartment lease.