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Therefore it develops in the best possible way. This analysis allows us to glimpse an existence in which the men freely choose her profession but do not do so in search of a noble purpose that guarantees them a constant joy. The latter go after an economic interest.When you manage to get it, the more often feel miserable since they squandered most or almost all his life. Those who fail to achieve its alleged illusions simply conforms to remain what they are. Is a set of miserable.

38. To multiply two forces all of their energies must be multiplied. Therefore the first force is the second and the second the first. 39. All strength not divided to other forces divided its own amount of energy. If the sum of their final energy levels in various stages of the time are split such levels between a force that can not divide them, we will finally say that this force can divide all other.

40. If two chemical energies are not rupturefrom each other, coordination will never be possible. Unless its components are modified. 41. The electrical loads that produce waves as a resultant effect of oscillation and acceleration is what is called electromagnetic radiation. 5 2007 Jose Orlando melo Naranjo 41. electrical charges attract or repel each other with an intensity inversely proportional to the square of the distance that separates them. 42. If two forces of a same energy joins them a same amount of positive or negative energy, equality of its powers remains. 43. If two bodies in space is subtracted them a same speed, their accelerations equal remains. 44. If two phones that go in one direction multiplies them the same amount of the angle formed their initial grades. Address uploaded. By the principle of equality. 45. The speed of a Mobile moving with uniform motion is equal to the space that has traveled divided by the time it takes to traverse it. 46. The universe in its totality, populated by billions of galaxies, is in a State of rapid expansion, with all its members, separating each other at high speed. 47. The average galactic rotation kinetic energy is equal to the mean of the random translational motion kinetic energy. 6. 2007 Jose Orlando melo Naranjo 6. 2007 Jose Orlando melo Naranjo bibliography. theory of the relativity of einstein. editorial modern graphics of Bogota. in 2006 the creation of the universe. George gamow rba. Editores s.a barcelona. 48, 1993. If the universe is expanding now, it must have existed a time in which are found at high pressure, and if this matter now scattered throughout the vast empty universal space and at the small individual portions that are stars, it must have existed a time in which everything was compressed into a uniform mass of very large density.