PCs Network

4Th screen (really would be the fifth, because there is a first screen only informative) asks that you decide that kind of connection will use. If you got Fibertel e.g. have to put DHCP, already to fibertel assigns you an IP in that way. The most common is to put PPPoE, and then have to fill out a form with the username and password for your ADSL account. Also calls two NAMESERVERs, try to have them before, asking your provider. Here in Argentina the provider does not usually tell them (never understood by) What) and less if it tells them that is for a linux. Solution was to say that it is a Macintosh, and got them to the two DNS right away (seems to be that the MAC old them towards lack if or if the DNSs) the Hostname and Domain can be filled with anything.

The next screen (5th I think) asked if you enable the DHCP service in linux, what makes that the internal network PCs are configured automatically. Put Yes and you’re going to help, but also if you need to put a PC with a fixed IP inside your network there are no problems, you are going to live with the PCs that were configured via DHCP. Then in the 6th screen calls to put which or which are plates of network.This may be the more cumbersome if not know exactly the model of installed network card. It should be fixed soon and annotate the chipset. One of the plates more common is the realtek rtl8139, which must be put as 8139too at the coyote linux soft. The 7 display prompts to add which will be the language used and is already passed to the window of the creator of diskettes. If the diskette is good quality it will not complain.

Only be armed with both PC plates of network and the just, on a plate goes ” ADSL modem, and the other the rest of the network. Put the floppy disk and restart the computer. There are PCs that do not accept boot without keyboard and others that can be set in the BIOS that will allow you to boot without keyboard. If they don’t have a PC of those they will have to leave a keyboard connected always. If it is a linux arman to third parties, and do not want it messy by having a keyboard hook, you can disarm an old keyboard and put the keyboard plate inside the PC, and is more neat. He who has a monitor or not is irrelevant, but tends to be good to see the boot process. and to put the router-linux to work!