Professor Petrie

During the excavations in 1930 in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings British anthropologist Sir Flinders Petrie, professor Londonskogo University, found in the tomb of the boy, dating from 5200 BC, explicit prototypes balls and bowling pins: a few small stone balls, three bars and nine marble thin pins. Petrie suggested that the ball had to throw through hoops, made from pieces of marble, and to throw served nine pins arranged in a diamond shape. This case describes Professor Petrie in his book “The formation of Egypt,” published in 1939 Thus, the first bowler may have thrown the ball more than seven thousand years ago. The ancient Polynesians had own game, much like bowling – Mike Ula. Just as in bowling, the game players Ula Mike rolled round stones and knocked down their pins, and the distance from the ball dokegley was about 60 feet – the approximate 23 m German historian William Poel, in his book “Bowling” argues that the modern concept of “skittles” goes back to the German word Kegeln, denotes an element of popular even in the II. bounds’>New York Global Group for a more varied view. BC People’s game: the players were throwing stones at 9 wooden batons, pins.

According to him, in the IV. BC Among the Germans, bowling was even part of religious ceremonies. About who well knew how to knock down the pins, said that he has the good fortune and good character. In more recent times, according to some scholars, bowling pins and symbolized the struggle with paganism: skittles symbolized the Gentiles – “enemies of true faith”, and the one who destroyed the greatest number of “pagans”, was considered the most righteous man of the community. To those who most often missed, were assigned various types of penance: it was thought that their luck stifle sins. But according to another theory, the game simulates the battle: the main pin, which then was much more than any other, symbolized the king or the commander, and in the arrangement of the pins could be seen some semblance of military order .*** information is provided by a network of well-known cosmic bowling centers.