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Acne Form

Acne produced marked inflammation of surrounding tissues. Well-known acne in one form or another, observed in 60 80protsentov people between the ages of twelve and 24. More than one-third of cases require a serious, sometimes long treatment. To broaden your perception, visit Adroll Marketing Platform. According to 80% of girls and boys: acne – the […]

Biologically Active Food Supplements

Supplements – a food intended for adjusting the diet, providing vital body substances (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macro-and micronutrients). In Nowadays it is difficult, almost impossible to get everything you need from food. The fact that the energy consumption of modern man, on average 2400 calories a day. A hundred years ago, a man […]

Inexpensive Pharmaceutical Drugs

It turns out that about 40% of incoming plant material to the company shall be rejected and sent back to the supplier. Where do you think then it is rejected raw materials? Released? Actually, no. It goes to those producers who do not care from which raw materials to make their products. We can only […]

Prollenium Medical Technologies

The main wave of discontent patients injected gel based on hyaluronic acid, is the fact of the fragility of drugs. Indeed, under the influence of a particular enzyme – hyaluronidase – introduced substance splits. For some people, this enzyme is active so that resolution of the gel occurs instantly, regardless of age, gender and lifestyle. […]

Electric Shock Treatment

It is used widely for cancer prevention and even treatment in combination with other anticancer drugs, it costs money – can guess how much. The activated electric shock, water used to clean and heal festering wounds, venous ulcers, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, urological, gynecology. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. The spectrum […]


Bluish glow of the radiator, a by-light wave that occurs when the modulation of the semiconductor ultraviolet rays. Kvartsevatel home bactericidal by-product of the wave destroys bacteria inaccessible to chlorine. Technology of UV disinfection of water – an effective remedy for any kind of infection! Device disinfection of water used for cleaning drinking water, swimming […]