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Rio De Janeiro

Here I am sent the alteridade under a sartreana perspective. But when I leave of being and me lathe another one is that supreme. I appear to I myself the all instant, but I do not appear to the other, therefore I inexist it, but when step to be known, me somewhat different lathe of […]

Interpret Dreams

Dreams for interpretation should be selected. Firstly, if the vision was vague or, as in the movie, spun indifference and separate from you – in the dreams of little good. Sleep should sink into the mind, maybe not all but only some part of it, detail or movement, should stock up in the soul. The […]

Aurora One

The virtual tarot is excellent an average one to approach us the knowledge of the tarot and the cartomancy. It is an ideal scope to begin to know the arquetpicas figures the arcane ones and to familiarize to us with the wisdom of his meanings. Thanks to the technological advances, the virtual tarot approaches to […]