The Professionals

Being the intelligent group that is, the investigators of markets, finally understood the concept to offer something of value to the consumers in exchange for its time and its participation instead of to ask people that they participated in a survey by the simple fact to offer his opinion to help to the companies in the adaptation of his products and services. In order to satisfy their own demands every time majors to obtain data of the consumers were begun to offer diverse incentives in exchange for time. It is cradled is born the idea from surveys remunerated in line. Peter Gabriel has similar goals. Obvious with the years, the science of the consumers and the investigation of market have evolved of collective form to very a well sharpened boat. The companies spend more than $250 Trillions at world-wide level in a effort to convince people to buy their products and services. Of that amount, more than $750 million it goes for the investigation of market.

The incentives by survey to the consumers go in cash from the entrance in the drawings of the prices, the points by prizes that can be accumulated and be exchanged in cash by merchandise until payments a the participants. The surveys specialized for the professionals as those of the industry of the Telecommunications often pay very well. The investigators also pay to the consumers to participate in the customized studies through which they can learn about his product perceptions certain and/or services. Besides the paid incentives, some companies of investigation of markets free offer products for the sampling. They are made them bequeath new products to the interested consumers they prove so that them with the agreement of which the consumer later will make an evaluation of the product. After proving the product, the consumers complete a survey in line to share their experience with the product and that he indicates if he would buy or not the product independently.