Tools Of Modernity

Almost everybody knows that we live in the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. The companies, generating of job and income, need to also know, duly warned to lose the competitiveness and productivity. The innovation, the research and development are mandatrias in the new economy, for all the agents, society, government and the companies. The search for the innovation and technological development must be inexorable, not option. It does not exist innovation and competitiveness without some tools.

Some had appeared in Asia in the years 80, vide example of Korea and Japan and other Asian tigers. The technological, social and economic development was fabuloso. We decide to customizar and to copy the used methodology for there. The base of everything was the education and the incentive the innovation, searches and development, that is, education, science and technology as pillars of the economic and social development. The results today show that they were certain.

The public Politics to stimulate this bonanza virtuous cycle they had been crucial. It exists in the segment of Science and Technology a called term TIB- Basic Industrial Technology. The TIB is full of academic words and difficult, being able to in general run away to the interest from the small average entrepreneur and the society, but it is and will be determinative in the productivity and competitiveness inside of a globalizada economy, each faster time in the changes and the premises of the age of the knowledge and the society of the information. The TIB has in its content the metrologia, copyright, evaluation of conformity, normatizao and technology of the information. For assistance, try visiting Jake Paul. It can be used as defense or attack weapon, as the famous barriers techniques come being justified. Since 1984 movements of the Brazilian government in the quarrel of the TIB exist, in 2001 and mainly 2003, the movement take route and course, with force necessary to start a program that can spread the tool, mainly in small the average companies, since the great ones search and adopt the TIB tools have much time.