About A Quarter Of A Million Clicks For Kids Action

selectIT4 and action partners donate action sum is empty the Kinderschutzbund hesel, June 14, 2011 the Heseler IT company selectIT4 initiated a click action for the Federal of protection of children action partners from 18 March to 31 May this year blank. So, 284.073 clicks and a donation from 1750 euro came together at the end of the promotion. The CEO handed GmbH Uwe Mendera selectIT4 today the donation cheque to the Chairman of the Leeraner of Kinderschutzbund Klaus Hinzpeter. We are proud that we could achieve during the promotion period about a quarter of a million clicks, and this donation. That would not have been possible without the amazing support of our action partners. With the donation, we wanted to support a regional institution, which is sustainable for the smallest of our society”, as Uwe Mendera. We find it class, the selectIT4 and the action partners support us by the child welfare society.

That over 280,000 clicks were made in this campaign, is already an impressive sum for me”, as Klaus Hinzpeter Empty by the child welfare society. The promotion involved besides selectIT4 as initiator Anton Scholtalbers tax consultancy Office off empty that construction company sigmapeople from Rhauderfehn Huus construction Schroder of Moormerland, as well as the personnel management agency. The click action for the children welfare association was the first action of the new social commitment programme of the selectIT4 empty. We called the social commitment program to life, to hands-on activities up our social commitment and to expand. It is a particular concern, to be able to continue our mission in this commitment”us, said Maha. For more information about selectIT4 get you on on tour.

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