The Third

Customer satisfaction depends on the quality of equipment and the level of service. And the level of service depends on what staff is employed and how this staff is well trained and motivated. What are the effects achieved the company thanks to the application of the balanced scorecard? The first effect is a visualization of a company’s strategy and its report to all levels of compliance, the subdivisions, the staff. The second effect is a concentration of a society in the processes that lead to the achievement of the strategic objectives. Resources are always limited, so the concentration is very important, you can achieve maximum effectiveness.

The third effect is overcoming the tendency of modern management in orientation of the tactical objectives to the detriment of the strategic, because the majority of motivation systems of the Manager on quarterly and annual (i.e., short-term, tactical) results are aligned. The balanced scorecard draws attention of society on the strategic objectives and brings the tactical plans in accordance with strategic). The fourth effect sells illusions of executives about the strategy and forces to develop the full-fledged competition strategy of the company. The balanced scorecard does not apply as an instrument for the development of the strategy, but the attempt in the map “a curve” to draw up the strategy, it shows “in full beauty” and abuts the Manager to the development of the mission, of the tree of the objectives and the strategy. The fifth effect sets goals for the construction of such system group of administration, including haushaltsmassiges human resource management, marketing, branding, CRM, etc. Among other things, the key business processes from the perspective of “Internal” or”process perspective” is determined, you must describe, optimize, and automate first and foremost. The sixth effect – the balanced scorecard draws attention of top managers on such factors determine the success, as employees, corporate culture and ideology. The majority of the managers are inclined to company as a mechanical system to look at and enjoy corresponding management methods, such as organizational design, official instructions, etc., which are also important but have limitations in the effectiveness and considered to be more tactical instruments. More information about balanced scorecard categories is set out on the website Learn more about categories and KPIs with BSC Designer.