Car Rental Insurance

Rental cars insurance rental car survives the crisis are hiring users to rent cars for their domestic travel and not give up insurance coverage to any additional risk according to a recent survey that manifested themselves in this regard over 85% of respondents. According to recent studies and statistics, gets the low-cost in all sectors of product purchase or rental of goods and services procurement. It is estimated that online recruiting a ‘and paid for in advance, any comparison can be made online up to 13% cheaper than it by another method that requires physical presence or moving to a local business or supplier. The first step came with the airlines, who managed to liven up the long hours of waiting to buy check-in through the use of computers. Then and now trains were gradually also large rental companies and other travel services and tourism. All companies have settled in advance new technologies and low-cost push.

The sector of car rental companies try not to lose that flip with respect to new sales channels and thus, in this way, many have been forced to revise its prices downward. Not only because of economic circumstances, also because of the competition, it also gained strength on the Internet. Simpler and cheaper it means for internet users book their services have led to the car rental companies to provide power to elect, hire extra services like car insurance that does not give up and stay with a single click, without moving home, in front of your computer screen. A survey of 850 car rental users between May and October 2009 shows that, despite the crisis, users continue to hire rental vehicles for their national movement and not give up insurance coverage to any additional risk in more than 85% of respondents. It highlights the fact that states which are becoming More women opt for this type of service.

The survey has resulted in numbers that contrast a study by the Center for Transport and Mobility. And, is that every time there are more people are choosing this type of service, which allows state sector expectations, once the economy recovers, as usual. Serve as data that last September 2009, the global market for car hire was worth 28,000 million euros, with a high degree of concentration. Thus, in North America and Europe account for 85% of revenue (55% and 32% respectively) and also in Europe, the concentration being even higher, as are the four companies control more than half the market. One of the best choices for () including insurance remains Pepecar. be sure to check their offers on its website.