How To Increase Quality Traffic To A Website

There are two fundamental ways to attract quality traffic to a website so that we can call a creative and personalized and automated mechanical or otherwise, which any person may be able to perform as strategies for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) simple. In the creative or custom, depend heavily on the business model, revenue model and unique selling proposition established by the website and develop strategies based on E-marketing point of which is directed to a target market previously identified (targeted traffic). As an example we have developed a creative strategy in an application for Facebook called Causes, its success has been resounding, and currently counts with 23. 624. 194 registered users and 212. 534 fans and has raised a lot of money for various charities. But where is it? Very simple to achieve engage people and their networks of friends to collaborate for a cause, a Facebook user install this application, you want to select a cause contribute, make your donation and this is then displayed to their network of friends and the network of friends of friends whom he wants to see and this application appear. This generates commitment does come from someone you know and also delivers a sense of collaboration to the other person who learns that his friend has collaborated and which appears as a benefactor highlighted in this application, causing it to also participate. We can find many creative strategies and how are you that can increase a qualified augmented traffic conversions and revenue on a website.