You can get a sample project for your home or order the individual from an architect – probably the only thing that will have to do is not their own, if you are not an architect or you have a free project for your home. K popular techniques include the construction of the house – construction of thermo, building a house out of SIP panels, build a house out of aerated concrete, build a house out of blocks Poroterm. These technologies have several advantages over conventional technologies. Modern homes better retain heat in winter and cool in summer, all these technologies are fabricated, as well as allow you to save on materials. Construction of the foundation may require recourse to the workers, but if you have the power, then you can do everything yourself. Build the foundation of the home is not as difficult as it seems at first, but you will need to purchase appropriate devices or take someone to hire. Depending on what type of foundation you build it, will the complexity of work.

The whole frame of a house on the chosen technology, you can just build themselves. Building a house out of blocks and of Poroterm AAC is similar to the type of simple brick house, but due to the fact that these bricks are several times more than the usual brick – house is built much more quickly. Thermo technology – one of the easiest in terms of construction of the frame. Thermo can remind the children's designer and is going very fast.