Continental Europe

The fact that mobile operators have increased the number of tariff offers flat is one of the causes that most explains this growth. Although the percentage of users that access to the network is higher in other age groups, the youngest are those who have a more intensive with 3.5 hours per week dedicated to browse from your mobile. Most of the users who access the Internet from your mobile phone already has data flat rate. Increasingly young people who want to have a last generation mobile to access the network, in addition the majority of respondents prefer phones with touch screen. Youngsters between 15 and 18 years, enter Internet from mobile phones to access social networking and instant messaging, while the use of electronic mail and information search deals to older. The percentage of young people claiming to pay for downloading songs from your mobile is already greater than from the computer. In fact, 23% of young Spaniards already access usually Internet access from your mobile phone, which means a similar percentage than in other countries of its environment such as Germany (20%) or Italy (24%), according to the study youth and mobile phone developed by the division online by Nielsen, company specializing in the measurement of audiences.

However, this level of access to the network from mobile terminals is located well below the registered in the leading country, China, where more than 73% of users aged 15-24 years routinely used this functionality. For its part, United States occupies second place in this classification, with a degree of implantation of around 48%. The Nielsen report also highlights the high percentage of youth accessing the mobile Internet in United Kingdom (46%) and Russia (39%), while on the side opposite found the case of emerging countries such as India or Brazil, where its use varies between 4% and 5%, respectively. Thus it is evident that Spain, as well as the set of Continental Europe, is still behind the main consumers of this market globally, although it still retains a wide lead against emerging countries which, in the future, could do with an important piece of cake.