Belt Drive System

The importance of belt drive system for crusher Stone and metal mining have been around since pre-historic times. This has been revealed by early comprises and archaeology. Nowadays, mining continues to be a complex and lengthy process that involves not only the resource extraction itself, but also extensive planning procedures. Economic analysis of the profit potential, environmental assessments and reclamation of the land are of major importance before any industrial action can go ahead. This makes mining incredibly expensive so precision in estimates is vital. The industry thus emplea some of the world s leading engineers and sharpest tools in the box.

Once the feasibility of the project has been assessed, the main investor and mining company decides whether to proceed or not. If the decision is to go ahead, work can begin on setting up the mine and gaining access to the resources. The Mining and Aggregate industries face tough challenges every single day. The harsh environments are dirty, dusty, moist, and can be very cold or very hot. Further, the stop-and-start of much of the travel agencies causes extreme stress on motors, drives, belts, and bearings. Maintenance is often difficult to manage, and often results in machine downtime.

To switch out parts is frequent, and expensive downtime. Today, there are a wealth of new products on the market that aid the Mining and Aggregate industries through longer life and durability, and less maintenance requirements. From electric motors to bearings, optical encoders to belts, these products are available now. Gates Poly Chain Carbon belt drive systems can replace old the old chain and sprocket. In heavy use environments chains and sprockets often break down after only a few months in service. Replacing chains and sprockets can take several hours, and result in thousands of dollars lost on downtime and man hours. The Gates Poly Chain Carbon toothed belt has a polyurethane body for abrasion resistance, and reinforcement that resists stretching, especially in shock loads. The Gates Poly Chain Carbon service life of the belt system is typically double that of the chain drive. Parts replacement is less than half the chain and sprocket costs. All this minimizes downtime, makes your machinery more productive, and saves your company money. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Mobile crusher, cone crusher, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.