Wind Energy Gadgets

Rather than continue to download electronic helpers with expensive batteries, new gadgets rely on environmentally friendly energy sources. About 34,000 tons of batteries are sold every year and still more than one in three batteries ends up unauthorised in the household waste. Less than 40 percent of the batteries are returned in the collection boxes intended for 1998, to recycle the batteries. Now, more and more gadgets on the market, which completely rely on renewable sources of energy pushing green. For outdoor enthusiasts, the new Green gadgets offer many advantages. Green outdoor gadgets download mobile phone, MP3 player or digital camera instead of using batteries with solar or wind power back on. So you can save not only power, but also a whole piece is (local) independent.

The new mini clips kin wind energy generator on the arm or the bike and converts the resulting energy through the integrated propeller in fresh juice for mobile or iPod to. The rugged solar charger FreeLoader in turn uses the solar energy, the To extend battery life in electronic devices. And up to 6 hours – for a load of emergency more than sufficient. Compared to the wind energy, solar energy but has a distinct advantage: because the solar cells store energy, it is still available, even after several hours while the wind can only generate energy. So the manufacturer trust their devices – or perhaps even more the habits of consumers – but not on the way. Gadgets most of the Green also have a battery or a USB interface, can be loaded on the rain or wind absence of energy. The juice of the iPhone then goes out on the Summit of Mount Everest one, so it infects just quickly his solar charger and already you can tell the world his Summit assault. Who cares seriously about mother earth, must realize that solving the garbage problem obviously in the waste prevention and not already generated battery waste recycling is located. The trend towards eco gadgets is most definitely be welcomed. A wide range of Green gadgets, like solar chargers or batteries with USB port, offers in the German speaking area of the gadget shop at.