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Sociology has not worried to define the method applied to the study of social facts. Is called a social fact, almost all phenomena occurring in the bosom of society; ways of acting, thinking and feeling; existing outside individual consciences. The sign system that I use to express my thinking; the monetary system, which I use to pay my dues; credit instruments used in trade relations; practice in my profession, etc. These types of behavior are external to the individual. They are equipped with a coercive power (which requires). This coercion not be menifiesta when I willingly adapt. Public awareness; It opposes any act that offends, through surveillance, who practiced on the conduct of citizens and special penalties that may apply. In other cases (taxation) is less violent, but why not denying their existence.

If you submit to the conveniences of the world; If clothing does not conform to the uses of my country and my class; will cause the taunts, and the punishment is the remoteness, producing the same effects, but softer than the own penalty. If an industry you want to work with technology of the last century, nothing prevents it, but if it does, surely it will be ruined. The facts are ways of acting, thinking and feeling, exterior to the individual; and possessing a power of coercion (obligation), under which it imposes. They consist of representations and in acts and classified them social therefore, since they can not be confused with organic, or psychics (consist individual consciousness). Not all social imposition is inevitably exclusive individual personality. The legal and moral rules, religious dogma, financial systems, etc.; They consist of beliefs and practices made up. There are other facts that without showing these crystallized forms, possess the same objectivity and the same ascendant over the individual. They are the facts called social currents.

The education consists of a permanent effort, to impose a children modes of seeing, feeling and act; that would not come expontaneamente. From the first moments of life we force them a: eating, drinking, sleeping certain hours, to respect standards of cleanliness, discretion and obedience, to take into account the neighbor, to respect uses and the coexistence, is imposed, work, etc. If you leave feeling this imposition, it is because habits, internal trends, which can be replaced, because they derived from it have originated. Spencer says that a rational education, should reject these procedures and grant full freedom to the infant. Theory that was never implemented in the villages (this is nothing more than a say). The social fact is given by beliefs, trends, practices of the Group considered collectively. Collective habit, exist in a State of immanence (joined in inseparable way its essence), in successive acts which he determines. Social facts are: marriage, suicide, birth. The political structure of a society, is the way in which different segments that form it, have acquired the habit of living together. Lines of communication, determine the direction of internal migrations, changes and the intensity of them. They are the causes that it opened spontaneously, because current changes and migration are moved in the same direction. A social fact is every way to do fixed or not; that you can exert on the individual a foreign imposition.I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find articles of quality checked for your personal and spiritual development: health, sports, entertainment, computing, languages, labour output and more.