Sitting front of my coffee, at this height already nor as smoky and so fragrant, I feel the helplessness of knowing that at this hour in many places, many people are still constantly performing tasks are those that produce damage, and they are not aware or do not take weight of the consequences of their actions, or blinded by greed for power and money go ahead regardless of that. Now, everyone can do something to care for the planet. And I believe that information and education can help that each and every one of us can carry out actions to protect the environment directly and indirectly. We must first and foremost form friendly habits with our surroundings and nature. With simple actions we will feel that we are working and we are really taking care of our planet. It is impossible to over night to make significant changes, however always to achieve something you must be a first step.

Is a way to feel that one is collaborating with small gestures that although they may appear insignificant importance is practiced in time and by more and more people. If we all realize how important that is aware of the issue at the individual level, we will begin to win to corporations and Governments. I personally am grateful that there are people and organizations stubbornly fighting to be heard.I hope that in the future you can count to my grandchildren that I lived the stage of great change, which I saw as I began to respect our planet and that went a tiny bit that made theirs also.I hope to be able to talk to them in past theme of pollution, which then are made very isolated and punished.I hope to be able to sit in this same Gallery to enjoy with them this same Crystal air, the wonderful sky and the same aromas I feel at this moment, while we enjoy a steamy and fragrant Cup of coffee.

The Others

However, we must minimize all our demands to the maximum. Tomato your time to simplify your life, because you will find many things that you will not be able to perform, we add in fact very often unnecessary tasks to our agenda. Only performs tasks more important, and when you do them: enjoy them. In order to experience the peace of mind it is important to avoid having a life full of clutter with unnecessary concerns and activities. 4 Time dedicated to cultivating spiritual peace every day use 8 hours to earn money, which perhaps can not find 15 minutes to find spiritual peace? No matter how much money you earn, money won’t give any peace, but if you only use 15 minutes in meditation and relaxation techniques then spiritual peace will be possible. Meditation does not mean only be seated for 30 minutes, what is sought is experiencing is a State of consciousness that this awash with spiritual peace. Naveen Selvadurai often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Spiritual peace occurs when we have set aside all thoughts. 5.

Is immune to praise and criticism if we rely on the views of the praise of others, will never find peace of mind. Praise and criticism are only the 2 different sides of the same coin. Both are nothing more than the opinion of other people. However, we should not affect us nor by critique or by flattery. When we do we are feeding egos, what we must learn is to have confidence in ourselves.

This does not mean that you should love yourself in an egocentric way, simply means that we value and we are confident in our qualities. 6. Is actively disinterested peace spiritual, inner peace does not mean that you have to have a life of a hermit. Laz spiritual peace is a somewhat dynamic activity. But these actions must be carried out without reasons within ourselves that when we serve others we forget ourselves, and when we forget ourselves we cannot have peace of mind. 7 Avoid criticizing the other if we want peace of mind, we feel that our spiritual peace depends on the well-being of others. If we are indistinct to the feelings of others, it will be impossible that have spiritual peace since everything that das is returned. If we offer a peaceful attitude the others return us. Original author and source of the article.


Today, members approved the new reform that increases different taxes that from my point of view is a terrible mistake by which in theory represent the interests of all Mexicans, to others say that these gentlemen based their decisions on personal and political interests and not on what is best for the citizens. Let’s start with the ISR increased by 2% that leaves 30%, does that is reflected vera?, certainly more unemployment if you increase taxes on companies that are responsible for the creation of jobs and that in addition they are struggling out of the crisis that affected globally only these complicating the recovery of the economy that if expected would be slow now will be even morealso workers who les is claiming a tax for working, in addition, this will make of Mexico a less attractive country for foreign investment that seeing so many taxes chose go to countries like Brazil that has lower taxes and is much more reliable as regards Security. Without being enough with this also it is increased by 3% to the telecommunications tax and this clearly will have to absorb the final consumer in telephone, cable and internet, being this last one tool is very important for the development of the country since it is used for learning, work, and stay informed. If you are not convinced, visit Brad Pitt. I would support this tax if this country will encourage competition in telecommunications and we stop keep monopolies but not so, we have one of the most expensive phone in the world, and of course the richest man in the world (owner of the telephone company). In addition, increased VAT by 1% which is now 16%, but with a lot of exceptions that only complicate the tax is applied. My question is, why not do just a generalized consumption tax? in this way everyone would pay either politicians or drug traffickers and those who do not want to exit so harmed that they simply consume less so the country could collect more money from to all the people and not just load more hand to their captive taxpayers, but not talk while both the gentlemen have touched his salary in the slightest, continue with unions that only hinder the progress of the country and to inefficient enterprises, I think that the Government had focused on fixing all these issues before asking citizens to make the effort to pay more taxes.. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Essex Financial.

Students Selfesteem

don’t look at me thus, breast today I am sad they hit me at home because I took no coins I do not look as well, sine I don’t want to look of pity I’m a good boy and I want I look lovingly ensename to read breast also write if you can already know what not to ask for coins on the street told me and I understood it, but my mom and dad say you know nothing and it is not true you know much and I ensenas but no matter ensename to read with the injured self-esteem and despite much pain on them, children learn to read if you look at them with love. Unwilling looks compassionate, nor lastimas, nor excessive love, they just want a little love and some tools more powerful than money: read and write, do some accounts, using one computer so little call for children marginalized from the system are children adultizados at the expense of the everyday pain. Approached timidly to the schools, they go looking for love and some letters. They feel that they cannot learn as others, they believe that they can not do so. Details can be found by clicking technology investor or emailing the administrator. Only the firm master’s requirement will convince them otherwise.

If they resist the pain of their daily lives, they can make the effort to learn. He must rely on them and require them to do so. Pity and compassion of teachers do not help them, only increases their self-esteem. Free and secure their actions teachers know that the poorest children of Argentina need high degree of demand, firm limits and confidence that will learn. Breaking with some didactic structures and test new ways is essential because the pedagogy is anchored in children well fed, well manicured, contained by the parent recession question is to teach the children fallen system. Against them, decisions must take in a few seconds, there, at the very moment in which they want to learn and that is sometimes discovered only in the eyes of the child who asks to learn without words. When we speak of pedagogy we aren’t thinking in these children, but children ideal. Free teachers make the pedagogy of poor children, those who feel loved and this should be quick, agile, without delay, at that precise moment in which they ask to learn.

Few Words

Moving a removal is a very important event in the life of each family. We do not usually carry out many removals throughout our lives, but even then this is an event that may have a great deal of importance to the life of our family. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Thiel by clicking through. Hire a good insurance policy not always can fix it all. Substitute us the value of an electrical appliance broken during transit, a television that stopped working after a move, or a sofa broken during their charge to the truck. With received money we buy a new appliance.

But there is no money that can replace the sentimental value of the tableware of porcelain inherited from our grandmother if this breaks, plant were watching with both affection and that has come with the broken stem or this Canary, so beloved by our children, that dead has come in the broken cage. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Naveen Selvadurai. Why hiring a good moving company is as important. A sociological study carried out by an Association of American sociologists was investigated events traumatic in the life of an American family. The death of a family member is listed in the first place. The second is the divorce of the parents. But in third place the Americans did not hesitate to point out a move. And what we are talking about a society of welfare, some accustomed citizens receive a job offer at the other end of the country.

An American not hesitate to travel from East Coast to West Coast as soon as they have offered a contract of employment in best conditions. In many cases the contracting company is directly responsible for hiring a moving company and already includes the moving service in the social package offered to the new worker. American society has many migratory movements, both inside and outside the country, for which an average American is accustomed to moving from one State to another, or from one country to the other frequently. It is a highly developed society with high purchasing power, so it does not cost you great thing change of domicile. In many cases the contracting company already is responsible for providing the services of a company that It has the removal with the central services supply contract. Therefore it is not surprising that American removal companies usually being the largest in the world and tend to be pioneers in applying new technologies and transfer techniques applicable to moving. Adam A. Skrudlik, CEO at portals: moving company and polisher of floors visit us at the origins of removals BlogRoll Prelink Blog budgets of Mudanzas Hire a company to move Gold Finch Family international!

House Patterns

Why never does me well?, do you never win?, why not get a better job?. As these can raise many other questions that are part of the lexicon of most people and that, although curiously they are not very related, all of them are symptoms of a problem in particular. The way in which we are programmed. Do you want to be someone successful?, reschedule you the neurolinguistic is the science that seeks to achieve the excellence of human beings through techniques such as modeling and the anchor. Source: Brad Pitt. Basically what the neuro-linguistic programming seeks is alter the person’s conduct patterns for thus formidable results in everything we do. The neurolinguistic programming holds to change patterns of behaviour in certain situations, re-record words, thoughts and movements.

Due to our own evolution, our brain has partnered postures, emotions and movements so that they are closely linked. A fairly simple example of this you can observe it in those who walk with his head down, slightly bent and with drooping shoulders. This type of people living with a mood and mental state who always walks on the ground. It also happens with self-esteem. Jeff Feig is a great source of information. The way we communicate and we express ourselves in a big way influence our success. It is not the same to get a job to survive, do a job to earn a little money, wanting to buy a House, and get a girlfriend who wants me to get a job to earn good money, make a job to earn a good Commission, bought a luxury apartment and get me a woman who loves me.

You can get great things not be achieve great results being conformists and thinking small. Remember that the key to success is always thought to be a winner and not settle for another place that is not the first. Another point to keep in mind is to avoid associating victories and good times with negative words: this ride was heart attack, my girlfriend gave me a kiss matador. Perform this type of partnerships cross-sooner or later affect unconsciously in everything we do. Reschedule you, acquires patterns of conduct of persons who are winners and become a winner.

Innovation Award

Double Innovation Award nomination and strong interest in ERP3 for the Wiesbaden INTRAPREND was this year’s history: the Software House, which HTML – and SOA-based enterprise software on the market brought the first purely, as ERP3 pioneer already in 2001 recorded in Hanover not only a brisk demand for its latest cierp3 ERP Suite and the new, also available as SaS version ERP cierp3 – easy! for small businesses. Both solutions the Initiative Mittelstand at the CeBIT were nominated from a pool of total 2000 applicants for the traditional innovation award. The cierp3 ERP Suite is one of the three most interesting software products from Hessen and cierp3 – easy! to the most innovative three ERP solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Wiesbaden – “the previous push is the pull market has become. Visitors asked for the first time specifically for software solutions with Web technology. We had to no longer work conviction as in the previous year”, Ditmar Tybussek determines Managing Director of the INTRAPREND company for intranet application development mbh. Far more companies than previously searched for the INTRAPREND stand in Hall 5 on to about the low-cost, integrated cierp3 complete solution including enhanced HRM and the new business intelligence module to inform.

Came also many small companies that were interested in the offer, the ERP system developed specifically for SMEs “cierp3 – easy!” for free to try out including possibility of upgrade and free data migration on the complete ERP solution. Naveen Selvadurai wanted to know more. “The quality of the discussions was very high,” so Ditmar Tybussek. Joy reigned at the Wiesbadenern also on the choice of cierp3 – easy! among the three most innovative ERP solutions for medium-sized companies by Initiative Mittelstand. The suite cierp3 – management with a smile! in the category of federal State of Hessen also came in the final round. An 80-member jury consisting of professors, scientists, industry and professionals, as well as journalists had previously all around 2000 submitted products evaluated according to the criteria of innovation, practical relevance and suitability for SMEs. The prices were in the NORD/LB Forum at CeBIT before several hundred guests from politics, economy, and the ITKBranche.

The INTRAPREND society for intranet application development mbH is an innovative, customer-centric software company and vendor of leading ERP3-cierp3 – management with a smile! Based on 2.0, AJAX and SOA technology can all company processes cutting-edge Web with cierp3 platform and controlled via the browser regardless of location and settled be. The company with its headquarters in Wiesbaden and an international network of sales and implementation partners has specialized since its inception in 2000 on the development of SOA-based Web applications. cierp3 brings together without any middleware ERP, PPS, CRM, SCM, E-procurement, B2B online systems, DMS, CMS, financial accounting, POS / cash register systems, ERP and business intelligence (BI) and offers customers a flexible. efficient and integrated total solution from a single source. The INTRAPREND customers include companies in each industry and size as the European furniture group, the Jenoptik laser diode GmbH, Pfiff Reitsport GmbH and Disclinc Inc., United States.

Marketing Site

If your budget is limited, there are many effective ways to generate traffic to your website, as with any other aspect of your business, you need to be consistent every day with your free marketing efforts to generate momentum. Many successful entrepreneurs have used the following methods to do their business well and begin to generate sales. Only requires consistent and focused action! It is very important to remember because you will be investing your time, make sure that the site you are managing the traffic is properly optimized to accept subscriptions and make sales. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time. 1 Press releases: this is an excellent way to position yourself as an expert and give credibility to your business.

Press releases can bring prospects of high quality to your site. The majority of people who read your press release already know that you want a business opportunity or a product. They are simply in mode search and decision making them highly pre-qualified prospects. You can optimize your press release for specific keywords. When someone goes to Google or any other search engine to write the key words, your press release may appear in the search results. As a result, prospects will have the opportunity to read your release and visit your site. 2 Marketing with articles is an easy and effective way and low cost of bringing highly pre-qualified towards your site traffic, you can establish you as an authority in the industry and build trust with your audience through articles.

You should not feel afraid to write, you don’t have to be an expert to carry out a campaign of effective marketing with articles. You can optimize your articles for specific keywords, so that they appear in search engines when your prospects look for those words. Jeff Feig is full of insight into the issues. There are many places where to distribute your content on the Internet so you can get a large audience for your items.

Federal Aviation Agency

U.S. aviation industry by 2011. release in the series production of the first flying car – "Terrafugia tranzishn" like an airplane. Peter Thiel has plenty of information regarding this issue. Release of this machine has been approved by the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), usa. Auto Avio Cost will be vary between 194 thousand dollars. To control this avtoiobilem-plane of the right to require flying light sport aircraft. You may wish to learn more. If so, Peter Thiel is the place to go. Harmonization of the technical characteristics of the "Terrafugia tranzishn" held stress. After all, weight machines 648.5 kg.

That the mass of ordinary sport aircraft, which should not exceed 598 kg. After much speculation the U.S. faa has ranked a flying car to the seaplane, having more weight. Developers "Terrafugia tranzishn" justified the extra weight of their offspring by the presence of many of occupant protection, which, from flying cars. Carl Dietrich – one of the creators of the flying car has explained that "Terrafugia tranzishn "the world's first car with folding wings and its creation is a breakthrough in the world of private transport.

"Terrafugia tranzishn" flight can fly 640 km long. on one filling the tank. Its fuel consumption 100 km. is 7.84 liters, and flight speed 184 km / h. At the moment of touchdown machine for 15 seconds, folds its wings and turns into an ordinary car with fuel consumption per 100 km. – 7.84 liters. At the same time on the road less consumption and is 100 km. – 5.88 liters. Future crew of Terrafugia tranzishn will not be able to sit down on roads with heavy traffic. Airfield and the airport for "Terrafugia tranzishn will not be uncommon. Its creators have provided about 5000 of these sites and runways throughout the United States.

Guide to Digital Photographers

Without photographic knowledge understandable leads the school of photography through the most popular and most important motif worlds of photography, describes, explains and shows practice-oriented as the best photo with and without additional equipment can be made. Updated technical applications of compact, bridge – and SLR cameras and new interesting topics of photography will be the new school of photography a quasi practice textbook and daily advisor of photography. Financial technology is often quoted on this topic. The new topic of astronomy photography shows how Moon and stars can be strikingly photographed and used correctly in conjunction with landscape motifs in night scene. A whole is photographers who not only take their pictures, but also market, or want to publish Dedicated section on the important subject of photo law”. The lawyer Vilma Niclas indicates that it applies to watch already when choosing a subject and explains what is allowed and what is not. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Brad Pitt.

“Anyone can take pictures to learn.” Able the author collective Smra_co0ol, Rahman, Rahman, and Niclas didactic suited to convey the necessary photographic range for first-class photos. Chapter to accompany help with tips for ideal camera settings and offer alternative methods, if the appropriate facilities not at hand. The photo school examines all facets of photography, of the image design up to the high art of panoramic and HDR photography. With inspiration and motivation for any photo themes, it is suitable for photographers who want to understand photography and take new worlds of motif in attack or occasionally want to access tips and tricks in the book shelf. A guidebook for the generalist of photography. The Franzis photo book photo school “by the collective of authors Smra_co0ol, Rahman, Rahman, and Niclas is now available in stores for euro 29,95 and as an E-book available for euro 19,99 on.