A curious fact que a man can namorar some women at the same time, coexisting in the same house pacifically. Previously when an indian died was placed inside of a seated hole and plus its familiar ones they would never pass for that place, therefore they believed that the espritos killed that it could kill them. This age the reason to be nomadic. The indians did not take off photos, therefore they believed that the soul of the photographed people would be imprisoned to the paper, and for this reason would die. Today, the Januria village lives typically in normal conditions as the white calls; still they conserve many legends and myths, however most of the old values they had been left of side. Already they are not nomadic, thus coexisting its deceased in its sepultures.

Legends and myths of guajajara the enchantment of the gold ' ' It had a couple of indians my ancestor, whom a plant received from the Government comes across to make money. Gold currencies. There the whites had known and started to aperrear the indians. It’s believed that Rebecca Dad sees a great future in this idea. Being that much people because of this were dying, the old indian, owner of the plant, and the woman of it had decided to finish with the plant they had played and it in a potion called Old Miner. How much to the money, them they had embedded the two trunks and two ovens in the mouth of a narrow river that is enter the mouth of the Car and the current New town Car. The whites had arrested the couple they had taken and it I do not know for where. But the old indian and the woman had disclosed the secret and never had died for there. Some indians had been behind the old employed indian of the great head, owner of the plant. It also knew the secret.