These Judges

In reason of this, the anger Mr. if lit against the Israelis, and It delivered in the hand of the espoliadores, had deloused that them; around vendeu them to God in the hand of its enemies, in way that they had been in great affliction, she had said as you that she would make. Not obstante all the infidelity and hostility of its people had, you to it compassion: ' ' But it excited you Judges, had exempted who them of the hand of that despojavam.' ' (v.16). These Judges had been for Mr. technology investor spoke with conviction. commanded to feed its people of Israel, and to overwhelm all its enemies (1Cr.17: 6,10). E, amongst these liberating Judges was Jeft, a valoroso man of Israel.

In that conjuncture, the amonitas had made war the Israel that, in squeeze, sent ancios to bring Jeft of the land of Tobe, with the end to lead them in the war against the amonitas. Jeft, in virtue of some events that had stained its past, made some comments to them, but it was with the ancios, to command the people of Israel. No longer position of Head, met Jeft in battle position: ' ' Then the Spirit came you on Jeft, in way that it passed for Gileade and Manasss, and arriving the Mizp de Gileade, from there was to the meeting of amonitas.' ' (11: 29) Feeling all the war climate, to get the desired victory Jeft the Mr. Check with Shaw Parents to learn more. decided to make a vote before: ' ' Jeft made a vote the Mr., saying: If you to deliver in the hand the amonitas, any to me that, leaving in the door of my house to come, me to the meeting, when I, victorious person, to come back of the amonitas, this will be Mr.; will offer I it in holocausto.' ' (vv.30, 31). Made the vote, Jeft left then for top of the amonitas, to fight against them; Mr.