Divine Providence

Expression of eloquent transparency intimacy of God in harmony, perfect voice, divine poetry, Oh eminence of light and great presence! Happiness divine reality, Dios is happy. Incredible love the synthesis of the loving action of God that overcomes evil with good and human misery with its incalculable largesse beyond of the unbelievable, in fact becomes absolute evidence. The human is filled with divine and the child grows through the man toward the divine being. The fullness of man comes to be the fullness of God. It occurred to God become man precisely by divine love, the divine human had made name believable the unbelievable such agreed. His spirit in the flesh glows eternal in human made a child invisible today is seen which seems heaven and Earth flooded with love. Jesus threw shoulders human misery, grew, died and was resurrected. Come out of the grave lives and mana glorious fullness, redeemed us! Incredible human is divine, and it is reality. Divine Providence spare everything for immediate and total success but everything is missing because his plan is to achieve this through and through the man. It is the same position of Christ, Naturally, in the human and the divine. Requires wonders and miracle, God, you want men to be his hands. Also your heart, makes us brothers and sisters in Christ who delivered her lean body. Loving your love to all with divine love requires the human heart, justice and peace holding the hand in the footsteps of Christ on the road. Enough riches of the Earth sorts distribute among powerful people his Provident hand whose fruit is peace, divine war! In our hands, his heart God’s Providence. Blessed clarity transparent criterion of concrete, practical and real, persistent and consistent God with love and making divine. It is the same exemplary approach modeled by Christ in his human and divine mission.