It can be that the battery of its smartphone lasts 3 or 4 days in way stand-by. Manufacturers and Models In full year of 2010, smartphones still represent a relatively small slice of the total of vendidos devices, much even so are the main one target of the marketing campaigns. The models that we have available in the market are, in its majority, medium devices the high cost, that vendem much less (in number) of what much more simple and cheap devices. (Source: ) Everything this tends to move with the time, since with the fall in the price of the components, each time more resources will pass to be incorporated same in the devices simplest, until the point where almost all the available devices in the market are smartphones, varying only in level of resources. The 2008 end marked a time of some transistions. The main one of them was the popularity of the nets 3G, that they are a prerequisite one for the popularity of smartphones. As well as in the case of the PCs, the more interesting functions and applications of smartphones are related with the Web.

Exactly that smartphones if differentiates To compile a list with available models of smartphones in the market is an ungrateful task, therefore for more it is detailed there than either, it inevitably will be desactualizada in few months. Specifications: GSM/EDGE, Blackberry, 312 MHz, 64 MB, Bluetooth, chamber of 2 MP; iPaq 510 – Specifications: GSM/EDGE, Windows Mobile 6, 200 MHz, 64 MB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera of 1,3 MP; HTC Touch – Specifications: GPRS/EDGE, Windows Mobile 6, 201 MHz, 64 MB + 1 024 MB SD, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, camera of 2 MP Nokia N98 Google existed an excess of information when using the word-keys in the search engine. One of the great problems was that sites of comparison of smartphones only existed and virtual store. It was a process extensive and delayed to find the information correcta. Maioritariamente, we found articles online in Brazilian. Although everything, using the word-key and the certain engine of search, was relatively easy to find this information. Part III extensive List of the collected sources: (postado in 01/02/2009) (postado in 15/12/09) (postado in 24/07/09) (postado in 09/1109) (postado in 25/08/08) (postado in 02/03/06) (postado in 01/03/10)>