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Furthermore the survey should allow the customer, to give reasons for his dissatisfaction. A scale of responses about not enough by the school staff or an other marking. The customer needs to justify its assessment and detailed formulate reasons for his dissatisfaction. Are you satisfied with the consultations?”this closed question is too unspecific. Recently financial technology sought to clarify these questions. It is more meaningful if the customer assesses the individual phases of the consultation and is using open questions, why he is unhappy. Naveen Selvadurai might disagree with that approach.

The advantage: A company receives generated notes through the survey, whether the sales customer satisfaction and-begeisterung in the areas, which are important to the customer. It uses up the customer glasses of perception of, it can develop those qualities which currently cause dissatisfaction. Quality question in the customer conversation if the Executive Board combines the results of interviews with the observations of the seller during the customer contacts, receives information about the customer satisfaction through the quality management can be optimized from multiple sources. It is the responsibility of the Sales Manager on the staff to create acceptance for quality and to ensure that all hierarchie – cross-sector together and pull repeatedly addressed the topic of (UN) satisfaction concretely in the course of a customer contact. The question of whether and to what extent a customer sees possibilities for improving the focus on quality and customer relations, should become a mandatory part of every customer conversation.

QM consultant support is the establishment of a quality culture not to have free of charge. Especially SMEs do lack human and financial resources to launch customer surveys, which lead to substantial results and consequences, the the Proven to increase focus on quality. Here the usage of an external quality consultant may be worth the time”in the company enters and neutral an objective observer of the operations from the outside defined the necessary quality processes, as plans, initiates and drilled through. When an Executive or an employee in this task has grown into, the interim-QM consultant can leave the company. HERE READ IT… how you establish a quality culture why surveys are important for your quality orientation and How to create customer satisfaction in the areas, which are important to the customer. To manage sales manager total quality culture Sales processes, define and describe Through customer surveys and sales analysis to determine quality situation: how is quality assured so far? Introduce the quality management system for process optimization; quality-enhancing measures and actions o what processes must be from a customer perspective be improved? o We track which quality objectives? o What does this mean for our processes? Acceptance by kick-off event quality orientation”create implementation Tip: customers participate in the quality process by Surveys of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction Customer consultant, in the lead user”(trend-leading trust customers) sit and improvement proposals Sales meetings, in which the seller report the company by customer comments/-meinungen to focus on the quality the author Karin letter is a freelance consultant for quality management and certified quality management representative (TuV Sud training contact:, appeared in the April 2011 in the salesbusiness)