For Rogers

Word-key: Relation professor-pupil, facilitador, problem of learning. Introduction Leaving of the premise of that the learning is a continuous and gradual process, that permeia all the stages of the development of the human being and integrate its aspects physical, intellectual, emotional and social, is that if it can understand the learning as a not transfervel process. For Rogers, ' ' what it can be taught to another person does not have significant influence on the behavior, a time that the only learning that influences the behavior significantly is the discovered auto learning, auto apropriado' ' (2009, P. 318). Thus, the discovered auto knowledge will go to possibly attribute to greater value to the life of the citizen and to its attitudes, behaviors and personality. Learn more at this site: Movie Star. Such conception differs from others where the professor only presents contents to be learned, making its expositions and explanations, imposing its points of view and the pupil being a passive agent in this process, absorbing the information that are transmitted to them. The education centered in the pupil if first worries about the accomplishment of the being of the student, assisting the individual if to become psychologically healthful person, if to become eminently human when bringing up to date its possibilities. This conception of pertaining to school education is more including, therefore it contemplates in the other its forms human beings to know, as for example, the cognitiva, the sensorial one, the emotiva and the social one, seeing in the being that a person learns who answers in integrated way, that is inserted in a time (pertaining to school period) and in a space (classroom) specific and that does not put in first plan the contents programmarians. In such a way, it can be thought about a position focada in the act to know, to create and to recriar that it goes beyond the scientific knowledge.